My Budget Book v5.2.1

Posted by Barny Adam on Thursday, December 26, 2013
My Budget Book v5.2.1

Android Market Download My Budget Book v5.2.1 : 2.1

Android Market Download My Budget Book v5.2.1 : All glance!

All glance.

My Budget Book a normal household accounts book.

T helps track expenditures .

Use transfers orders feature expenses over couple how much money available . also gives graphical overview information, making (larger) purchases over -coming months.

know what like something but whether afford it. Use My Budget Book balance many bills before month.

My Budget Book v5.2.1 :

Easy access. No internet connection required - No registration!

Available languages (At language telephone settings).

See t’s balance when starts up.

overview over .

Customize months displayed.

Manage one account - Record across all accounts.

Visualise table where all earnings .

Filter according , quarters years.

Use search function expenses and/or time periods.

Carry over in next month.

Manage standing orders so plan ahead upcoming months.

Create templates sating easier.

Add further main -categories a better overview expenses

Use important expenses.

Protect password protection.

Export Format (on card).

Create backups so lose .

Import data using import function (Just move file folder "SDCard/My Budget Book" settings (Import My Budget Book v5.2.1 made available).

What's My Budget Book v5.2.1 : (Updated : Dec 25, 2013)

New line graph running Android 4.

In , percentages displayed views of "Monthly expenditure" and "Monthly revenues".

My Budget Book v5.2.1 added.

Various optimizations.

All changes My Budget Book v5.2.1 "Info" dialog.



Download My Budget Book v5.2.1 :

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