Nandroid Manager Pro v1.2

Posted by Barny Adam on Saturday, July 20, 2013
Nandroid Manager Pro v1.2

Android Market Download Nandroid Manager Pro v1.2 : 2.0

Android Market Download Nandroid Manager Pro v1.2 : So what Manager? Well Nandroid Manager ultimate tool all nandroid backups!

With Nandroid Manager restore data from such+data, text messages, call logs, more!

Also Manager restore data from your nandroid backups but also flash new recoveries tools like fix permissions.

Nandroid Manager currently supports nandroid backups created (v5.xx .xx) based recoveries!


Current Nandroid Manager Pro v1.2 :

* View basic info about backups.

* Explore contents backup.

* Extract files from nandroid backups.

* Support.

* Rename backup.

* Compress backup .

* Delete backup.

* Verify MD5 hashes.

* Restore Apps+Data from backup.

* Restore Text Messages from backup.

* Restore Call Logs from backup.

* Restore WiFi Access Points from backup (Pro).

* Restore Bluetooth Data from backup (Pro).

* Restore User Word Dictionary from backup (Pro).

* Restore Browser Data from backup (Pro).

* Restore Nandroid Backup.

* Flash new recovery.

* Fix permissions tool.

Many future!

Planned Nandroid Manager Pro v1.2 :

* Convert backups between TWRP .

* Export data from nandroid backup so be restored devices.

* Restore Home screen data such, launcher, shortcuts, !

Support thread app:

Known Issues: ... sp=sharing

Todo List: ... sp=sharing

Important info about restoring sms data:

There settings default Messaging app older messages from conversations which than 200 messages. When restoring1000s t a lot because trying messages when the conversation. If restoring lots , then disable this setting Messaging app. devices take a long time message data. If a blank screen asks “Force Close” or “Wait” when opening app just press “Wait” app running while. eventually finish app usable again.

What's New

Version 1.2

* Android Market Download Nandroid Manager Pro v1.2 bug app from opening backups made v2.6+.

* Android Market Download Nandroid Manager Pro v1.2 bugs reported via google play.

* Added translations provided community. ** app translated soon!

* Apps ASEC format, paid apps, -Card be restored!




Download Nandroid Manager Pro v1.2 Instructions: Unlocked Pro Android Market Download Nandroid Manager Pro v1.2 Manager!

Mirror Nandroid Manager Pro v1.2 :

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